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Every single element or process involved in the production of an Atlantis hat involves a choice and an awareness that this choice can have an impact on the environment and on people. This is why we have extended the use of preferred materials and the search for processes with reduced environmental impact far beyond fabrics. By 2025, our goal is to have all our products in the collection with characteristics that respect our path of sustainability.

More and more recycled
materials for components

↘ Recycled visor
↘ Recycled Buckram
↘ Recycled closures
↘ Recycled sweatband
↘ Recycled tape
↘ Recycled lamination


Visors made from recycled fishing nets and plastic bottles

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), approximately 10% of all marine debris is composed of derelict fishing nets. In response to this environmental challenge, our company has forged a partnership with ReTraze, an organization dedicated to sustainable practices. ReTraze collaborates with small businesses, fishermen, and NGOs to collect discarded fishing nets and transform them into 100% recycled PE.

Since 2016, ReTraze has been actively involved in collecting these abandoned fishing nets. Through years of meticulous research and continuous improvements, they have established a vertical supply chain that effectively converts discarded fishing nets into 100% recycled PE ReTraze fishing net panels.

The recycling process employed by ReTraze involves physical methods, including sorting, cutting, washing, melting, chipping, extrusion, and precision cutting. Through their efforts, they not only reduce waste, but also create a product that stands testament to the potential of responsible recycling.

From 2024 productions, we proudly introduced recycled visors on all Atlantis collection’s items.

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