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People, our key factor

At Master Italia, people are our greatest asset. They are the vital element that sets us apart and fuels our growth. We take pride in having built a competent and cohesive team, diverse yet united, capable of supporting our company’s evolution and maintaining long-term relationships with clients and suppliers.

Numbers That Talk About Us

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Master Italia’s roots lie in the Veneto region, which hosts a vibrant network of associations and volunteers dedicated to helping others. Our company actively supports local associations working in social causes and fosters ongoing collaborations with institutions, schools, and universities—all with the goal of spreading a culture of sustainability.

Our Storytelling Forest as a workshop for schools

A project together with the association Il Pendolino O.d,V to bring children and young people closer to nature and biodiversity.

The contribution to the Voluntary Group for Home Assistance (VADO) Non-Profit Organization

The VADO group provides a transportation service to hospitals and care facilities in our area.

Support for the Day Therapeutic Community “Maggese” promoted by the Association Solidarietà Dicembrer ’79.

We entrust the assembly workshop with some processing tasks related to our hats.

Collaboration with the Mental Health Center (C.S.M.) and the Italian Association for Mental Health Protection (A.I.T.Sa.M.)

We support the CaRtastorie project, a narrative and creative painting workshop dedicated to guests from mental health centers in our region.

Support for the Emporio Solidale Basso Piave San Vincenzo De Paoli Non-Profit Organization.

We actively contribute to collecting essential goods for people in need.

The culture of integrity

In Master Italia, we pursue the goal of good corporate governance through the implementation of a set of values, rules, and procedures. Adherence to these principles forms the foundation of our corporate culture.

Our Code of Ethics, developed in collaboration with SGS Italia and with input from all individuals at Master Italia, summarizes our business principles, commitment to stakeholders, and the value framework for those operating within our sphere of action.

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