Headwear Evolution

The Sustainable Revolution Is On Your Head

Since 1995, we have dedicated passion and care to the design of our products. Over the years, this dedication has become something more: a need to avoid the dangerous effects of climate change and a commitment to an increasingly responsible business that respects the planet and people. We believe that sustainability starts with a mindset, it is a natural evolution that we must make, and it goes far beyond the product to encompass everything we do.

By 2025, we have set ourselves another challenge on this journey: to ensure that 100% of our Atlantis Collection contains items with elements that have a reduced environmental impact.

Creating headwear as we have always done, but now in a more responsible way.
Evolution is on our minds, wear it on your head.


Our 2022-2025 plan based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Products & Materials

People & Communities


Supply Chain

The Outcomes of Our Commitment

We work to improve every year

Sustainability Report 2022

We keep the doors of our company open, sharing with transparency and honesty our commitment, our successes, our failures and the projects we would like to realise.

Our journey to becoming a Benefit Company

In January 2024, we became a Benefit Corporation. In addition to our corporate purpose, we added the goal of improving our impact on people and the environment to our articles of association.

A choice that reaffirms the common good and transparency of decision-making as a pillar of our business model. A message of change and evolution that testifies to the direction of our activities.
From customers to suppliers, from employees to local communities, each of our stakeholders is part of a shared, systemic vision for building a more ethical and responsible future.


We care about quality and sustainability.

Responsibility and Partnership

We take our sustainable mission seriously and we want to demonstrate that we are transparent and reliable through partners who promote the highest industry standards.

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