Sustainable Product

Chunky rib-knitted beanie in soft, warm Polylana® yarn. Single-layer knitting with wide folded cuff and fully fashioned top. Lots of space for embroidery on the front.


  • 60% Polylana® fiber/40% acrylic
  • 13 1/2″ Knit with 4 1/2″ Pre-established Cuff
  • Product traceability via QR code
  • Case pack: 144
  • Polylana® fiber is
    • Made of certified recycled polyester and modified polyester
    • Low-impact alternative to 100% acrylic and wool
    • Traceable through Aware™ certification
    • OEKO-TEX® certified & PETA approved

Why it's a sustainable product


The yarn certified according to Standard 100 By Oeko-Tex ® certifies the absence of chemicals harmful to humans and the environment.



Polylana® is an innovative fiber with a reduced environmental impact that can be used as a sustainable alternative to acrylic. To improve performance in terms of sustainability, functionality and aesthetics, Polylana® can be mixed with other fibers. Furthermore, Polylana® can be dyed at low temperatures giving the product, once knitted, a unique delicacy and texture.

What do I save by choosing Polylana® over acrylic*

Polylana Light

-76% Energy

Polylana Water Savings

-85% Water

Polylana Waste Savings

-76% Waste

Polylana CO2 Savings

Less CO2 emissions

Polylana Fiber Release Savings

-32% Fiber release

Source: Polylana®
Find out how many liters of water have been saved for this hat (Comparison between 1 kg of fiber before dyeing)

9 Liters

Liters of water saved for this hat

(Comparison between 60% Polylana® and 40% Acrylic fabric and a 100% Acrylic fabric)

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