Atlantis Headwear is a pioneering company dedicated to both style and sustainability. With a passion for the environment, they actively engage in various projects to promote sustainability, such as using recycled materials for their hats and supporting reforestation initiatives. Below are a few of those projects.

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We are excited to share that Atlantis Headwear, the proud owner of a private forest located less than 5 miles from our company headquarters, has embarked on an environmental initiative. In a world where land is often valued for its potential for construction, we have taken a different approach. We believe that our trees are the embodiment of our brand and our commitment to the environment.

Our forest boasts nearly 600 trees and plants that have absorbed an impressive 182 tons of CO₂ since its establishment. This project was made possible through the collaborative efforts of our team and Divisione Energia Srl, a specialized studio in energy and environmental projects. Together, we conducted a thorough survey of the area, georeferenced all the trees, prepared a technical report highlighting the CO₂ absorbed by each plant, developed a digital thematic map, and created informative panels to be placed throughout the forest.

Our goal is to continue being stewards of this land so that the trees can remain our proud ambassadors adsorbing CO₂ and making our community a better place to live.

Bosco dei Racconti
Bosco dei Racconti
Bosco dei Racconti<br />


This is the story of a beautiful year-long project on the theme of sustainability, sport and of course headwear.

The Enginoars, four engineers from the UK and Norway, contacted us in early 2022 to support them in the Atlantic Challengethe world’s toughest 4,800km row across the Atlantic in a special 8m long canoe where they have to eat, sleep and obviously rowing for about 40 days!

By participating in this competition they wanted to raise funds for Engineers Without Borders, a worldwide organization that believes that engineering can be a critical enabler of change that allows the planet, including all people and living beings, to thrive.

When we talked about the challenge and the values we share, like sports and caring for the environment and communities, the connection was immediate and the partnership started. Together we designed a sporty, stretchable cap and a comfy beanie, both made from recycled polyester.

It was an honor for us to be able to support and share together this incredible experience.

The Enginoars had a great experience partnering with Atlantis headwear. Their sustainably produced headwear was exactly what we were looking for to help us represent the Enginoars and Engineers without Borders brand. Not only did this contribute to our ability to grow our brand and recognisability, but it also enabled our supporters to become a part of the team and join our charitable cause. We greatly recommend Atlantis’ high quality customisable products and would recommend any individual or team seeking to grow their brand to work with them.”
Rufus – Enginoars team



  • Hook-and-loop closure with elastic
  • Miniottoman exterior
  • 95% recycled polyester and 5% elastane
  • 1,5 bottles of water recycled during the production (the number of bottles is based on data calculated by our suppliers)
Featuring a corded Miniottoman exterior, the cap is made almost entirely of breathable recycled polyester. The elastane fabric gives a stretchable universal fit making this hat completely suitable for sport and outdoor fun.


  • Very soft yarn by Polylana®
  • Certificated yarn by Standard 100 By Oeko-Tex ®
  • 5 liters of water saved during the production process (comparison between 60% Polylana® and 40% Acrylic fabric and 100% Acrylic fabric)
Comfortable knitted beanie in soft Polylana® yarn. Knitted in two layers with a straight cut. Perfect for both everyday use and outdoor life.
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