Our Passion In Numbers

Infinite Possibilities

Infinite Customization

If it is on your mind, it can be on your head. Tell us your idea, and we can make it happen.


25+ Years of Experience and Know-How

Since 1995, our love for caps and hats runs deep. It inspires our minds. It is at the very core of who we are.


60 Countries

We have a wide distribution, from most of the Eurozone to the United States. We also serve Australia and New Zealand.


10+ Million Products
Delivered Worldwide

We have won the trust of thousands of customers through our passion, quality, and efficient delivery system.


Our manifesto is one way we share our culture with the people. It’s an evolving collection of thoughts and feelings about what lights our fire.

From the moment we wore it for the first time, it immediately seemed clear that it is much more than an accessory. The hat is something that declares what we are now, but it is also what we want to become. It has a its own language, it is an idea that is hidden, with the visor down over the eyes. Or it is a clever thought, with the visor sideways. It is the rest after a battle and the desire to do nothing. It is the desire to do everything. The cap is an informal type. It always has something to tell and it says it to everyone. He does it with a thousand colors, signs and shapes. Softly or screaming. It is democratic. The rich and the poor wear it. Like five-year-olds and even fifty-year-olds. And woe to those who touch it, the hat is personal.

The hat is all this and much more.

We have done a job of it. Our mission is to ensure that everyone has the hat they want. Because in Atlantis we make all sorts of them. If anyone can think of it, we know how to do it.

The hat is a passion we have in mind since we were born.

Atlantis Headwear


We care about quality and sustainability.

We are serious about our sustainable mission and want to prove that we are transparent and trustworthy.

We want our hats to be on people’s heads for as long as possible since high-quality headwear has a longer life cycle.

With different certifications, we want to give the consumers reassurance that a third party has accredited the products they buy.

That means our products are made responsibly, and we work with factories to adhere to strict environmental and social standards.

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